The diary

The Christmas Is All Over


This year I just realized, that there is nothing to write about Christmas. These days flew comfortable good and we had no situation at all. I was openly surprised by the gifts received from our sponsors. This year we received much more that the last one. Maybe the better time for us is just coming!

Our animals are in excellent health condition. The winter is on our side as well; the snow is showing mercy for us. We got white atmosphere but don't have to remove too much of it.

We were coping well, just two of us. We are good team with my wife. We were working constantly non-stop and this gave us a good chance to improve our relationship. We need it.

No one adopted any dog and also we didn't place any. The numbers remains the same. These lines looks like a statistic sheet.. There is nothing to write about the animals. In last days I was really pleased with some decent people working in our magistrates. Those, who follow the politics knows, that we had communal elections. In both our towns the winner was the decency. I am hoping that new politicians stay to work within and they will not be involved in some dirty businesses. The power is like magic and it can bend the character easily. It pays, that we'll know the real personality of a human after few drinks. This pays for the power. We'll be sober quickly, but the power is bringing a lot of responsibilities. Therefore I wish for both politician's nice and clean environment and no deception of any kind. I know, this wish is on the edge of naivety, but they have my trust and I hope this will not change. I know them from the past.

I am just hoping that they will remember our work and us and we will be recognized. It's about time!

I wish all the best in the New Year for all of you and I wish to be peace on this planet!