Donations and Gifts

Dear Friends!

You most probably expect that on this page I will ask you for a financial gift needed to run our organisation.

There is no doubt about that money is absolutely essential for the running of our Shelter.

[This dog required an expensive operation to fix his bone]
Thanks to you, the donors, we are able to save the lives of the dogs, which otherwise have no chance of survival. (See the photo of "Tulo"). He is all right now. In a few weeks he'll be a healthy dog once again. He is looking forward to getting a new master soon. His leg will be partly affected but otherwise fully functional. He is a very nice and faithful dog that deserves some recognition.
This operation wouldn't of been possible without the help of
Helmuth Samhaber, Austria
family Šimková, Bratislava,
Ms Zdenka Chuchmová, Austria
and the firm Salvagnini, Austria.

On behalf of "Tulo", our thanks go to them.

On the other hand, we aren't that interested in donations, which aren't given from the bottom of your heart. We are absolutely sure that the donors who are willing to give will do so. Those who show no interest in our activities will probably not visit this page at all.

If you have decided to support our organisation, your name or the business name will be published at the bottom of this page, no matter how much you contributed. If required, we always provide the details of how the money was spent.

Our organisation is based on the voluntary work of our members. Your financial assistance will be used mostly for medical use, such as operations for the animals or the de-sexing of the dogs. The more money we can obtain, the more care for animals we can provide.

We are not refusing other forms of the donations. There are many ways you can help our patrons. For example, there are factories manufacturing or distributing the food. In some emergency situations (such as faulty freezers) or food being just after the use of date, we sometimes can use these for feeding the animals. As you probably know by now, we are taking care of unwanted goats, horses and another small creatures. These animals wouldn't contempt the older rolls, buns, bread or pasta products. Also, we are in urgent need of used kitchenware or all sorts of bowls (suitable for drinking water). Maybe you posses a collar, leash, comb, brushes for a dog, maybe you just upgraded for new ones. As long as these are functional, we can definitely use it. Our dogs aren't so interested in the latest fashion trends. In the winter months we can use quilt covers.

There are many ways you can help us without breaking your budget.

Please be on our side!
Villiam Jaros, the Director



Payment by cheque / Money Order

Payable to Utulok v udoli
Account number: 0360335592/0900