The Cats

The cat, the friend.

[Tom]One small selfhood beast for almost 4000 years does not show any trace of domestic approach but it is an excellent human companion. During this era this beast went thru many hard trials. There were times, when these animals were worshiped for the deity or they have been accused with the witch connection, blamed for every possible problem happened to the mankind. Fortunately, this beast bared it all and she is our companion still today.


It is a cat


In the past she lived inside human homes. The main reason for that was to catch the mice, rats and other gnawers. These days the cats live with us mostly for our own enjoyment, not that her role in the house is not important anymore. The cat got her admiration thanks to her beauty and nestlings. The cats are attractive to us mostly for their natural independence. We cannot compare the cats to the dogs. You cannot force them and forget the obedience classes! Maybe in same cases the cat can do few tricks on the masters order. I don't argue, but I am sure she is not doing this just because of the commands of the master. Against all odds, the cat is ideal partner who pays back for your love. The cats are faithful to the house and their occupants, but their freedom is untouchable and is preserved by their genes.

It is very interesting to read or hear some opinions from another people, who claim that they love the animals, but their love is specialized to one kind of species. Some of them love the dogs and hate the cats and vice versa. I do not agree with this opinion and I never will. Everyone, who is open-minded, must agree with me, that we can live and love the cats as much as the dogs. The companion of these animals will greatly benefit us and it will open a new perspective spectrum in the life itself.

On this occasion I would like to provide a space on our web site for all those, who haven't the chance to present their opinion in public. Please sent your letters and comments on: utulokdca@px.psg.sk

I strongly believe that I am not alone with my thoughts.