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I have had a positive relation to animals since I was a child. My relatives were afraid of my being abnormal. In my child´s eagerness I saved everything that was possible to save but sometimes in vain, too. You must know it from experience. This innocence and effort for saving animals had persisted until I was a teenager. At that time the other options of spending my free time were open to me. Although I did not lose all love for animals, I was not interested in them so much. Nowadays I do not like to remember those times because I am feeling inside that it was the lost time. However, everything was turned well after suffering the severe injury and the following hospitalization in hospital. I had almost two years in order to think how to go on. Never have I retreated from animals in my life even though my injury was caused by carelessness and pride during riding a horse. Animals were considered to be the way how to be popular but not living feeling creatures. I had realised this fact while I was in hospital and decided to change it. In those days it was not sure at all if I would recover because I was left wheelchair-bound. In spite of this fact the determination was not missing.

[Viliam Jaroš]

In 1989, after the revolution I was given a lot of opportunaties to prove that I took saving animals seriously. In 1990 there was an enormous decline in breeding horses in Slovakia. Many animals were slaughtered. As a result, I paid attention to these horses. I had stayed in touch with the West because of my previous job and I was lucky because these people understood me. In Slovakia I did not look for talented horses but unwanted ones. I succeded in buying and then selling, not mentioned another ones, 38 horses sentenced to death. Despite not suffering a loss I was not interested in profit because at that time I was doing business in the different field. In addition, in 1991 I decided to save animals professionally. I fully recovered by a miracle. All money profited from the horse business I started depositing on a special account searching for an appropriate area to start my new activity. Since 1994 I have completely changed the way of my life and have not been able to think anything else, just how to start saving animals. I have moved to poverty hoping to meet nice people. It has been worth while reasoning every day that there are still a lot of them in the world. Between 1994 and 1998 I was having a though time. I started my new family which was totally different from my previous one. Although our living conditions were not bad, it was modest. Our living was not easy because I was hidding my savings only on animals. I was forced not to trust in anybody from my previous experience.

[Viliam Jaroš]

In 1998 a great opportunity came my way. I heard that the former kennel in Dubnica nad Váhom was empty. I did not hesitate for a moment and took up interest in it. Not only complied Mr. Miroslav Solava, the owner and the director of the premises of ZVS holding, a.s., with my request but he also offered me it dirt cheaply and became our general sponsor. The electric power and water supply were for free for five years. It was a significant help and I will never forget this gesture of good will. With such a help I was able to found the kennel with ease. I became a founder and a director at the same time. Later my wife came to help me too. She had been fighting for animal´s lives with me almost for 7 years. Unfortunately, our opinions were so different that we broke up. I am thankful to her for everything she did for our animals wishing her a good choice in the future.

In the beginning it was not easy at all. Without money we had saved in advance we would not have spent two months. Since the beginning towns have not been contributing to our activities. If they have, then just symbolically. Nowadays I can admit that saved horses financed our facility from the better part. I could have bought a house, cottage or a few cars. However, I am convinced that money met the purpose and helped to establish the kennel I am proud of. During this period we saved more than 3000 animals. At the momemt we have got 58 dogs, 6 horses and 26 goats. The kennel is getting to be long-familiar in the world. Owing to foreign contributions we were able to reconstruct the whole kennel much more quickly as I had expected. Last year Yvonne Neumann made the significant effort because our kennel became known in German speaking countries. Due to her help we have provided better services for our saved animals. Since 2004 we have been making interfile all saved dogs with the help of Tierhilfe Neumann e.V. In 2001 German organization Menschen fur Tierrerchte Tierversuchsgegner Hessen e.V. became our supporter and has been subsidising our activities. Their help is not just financial support but moral as well. To be honest, everything did not go well and the situation was tense many times. Some of the members of our organization resigned due to differences of opinion. The friends from Hessen have always stood by me. I am grateful for that. If it were not for them, I would give up saving animals. I was recommended to these excellent people by Julka Letkova who is the pillar to me at present. Not to forget to mention Bozenka Christov who is a great person too. As I have written above that a lot of people helped us but it was her who saved us. Another one, who is worth being mentioned, is Achim Schwarz. Thanks to his help I am not homeless. Let me mention another ones who influenced the changes in the kennel. My thanks belongs to them as well because without their help I would not be able to achieve the aim. If anybody of them feels to be hurt I would like to apologise to them this way. These days I know I could have done a lot of things in a different way and to mutual satisfaction but a man comes to this conclusion after the certain advancement. Not everything that is meant to be for good will go well. Our institution and its idea is still vulnerable enough. None of them, who came and then left, understood my philosophy. In my life philosophy I prefer a satisfied animal to a man who has to help themselves. It is not enough to have only thoughts. However, it is important to be able to put it into practice. It will be much easier for my successor and I might be appreciated in memoriam. I long neither for fame nor praise. I do not expect any thanks from people. I get a lot from my wordless comrades. Enjoyment of life and love cannot be expressed by any human being like by an animal. I feel sorry for everyone who has not found it out so far.

On the other hand I need a break. There are enough saved animals for number of two or three people. I do not give in but I am not fighting. Since 1996 I have not been on a holiday. I take a day off only in case I am ill. My passion is fading away. My effort is useless without help and indifference of competent authorities. I can imagine spending my life in a different way. I do want to carry on saving animals but only within the realms of possibilities. However, these possibilities are limited enough. Honestly, I am not a youth and my health is undermined. I remind of 70 years old man. Do not get me wrong, last 8 years were the most beautiful in my life. I am convinced I have been doing the right thing.

Please feel free to contact us to below-mentioned address in case you are interested in adopting a dog.

Our address: Dubnica nad Váhom, Štúrova street, the former military quarters near ZVS Holding, a.s.
Viliam Jaroš
e-mail address: utulokdca@stonline.sk
info: www.utulokdca.sk