Stories from the Shelter in the Valley

A dog in need ...


A few days ago I was going to ride a horse when we got one text message after another. All text messages were related to „an unhappy dog“ in Ilava. The text messages were written in such a way that it would have mollified the most obstinate man and made him act. However, I do avoid catching animals because I want to point out this problem and make authorities act, not just rely on my good will. Having read the text messages, I decided to break my rules. Considering the fact that the text messages were similar one another, I have chosen the most interesting ones for you:

Please, an orange spitz is running in the centre of Ilava, thrown away by an owner, with by violence pulled teeth out and many wounds and burns. Inhabitants of the town know who the dog belongs to. Is it possible to take the dog into your shelter? If there is any problem, I will take him. Please, contact me...

Please, rescue a dog! He is a puppy of the spitz, abused enough, has pulled out teeth by the former owner in order not to bite. If you do not succeed in catching him, we will take care of him. He has not allowed us to be caught for fear. Please, contact me...........

A starved puppy of the spitz is messing about near the butcher´s in the town. He is burnt. He seems to be dangerous because of attacking passersby. We are not able to help him. All costs regarding catching him will be paid by us. Thank you.

I usually do not write back the text messages like these ones because we do not provide this service as above-mentioned. It is expensive enough for us and the authorities are not interested in providing this service. Everything has been put into hands of police officers or nice people who bring abandoned animals to our shelter. I have a heart of stone for the town Ilava because they are lying through their teeth. In the questionnaire put together by Sloboda zvierat you can find that after mutual agreeement they use our services. I am not familiar with any agreement with the City council in Ilava as well as with other City councils. The towns do not esteem our work. They have been using our services in spite of not paying. If we refuse dogs, they simply will be killed. That is dirty trick. However, I have got used to it. We live in Slovakia and I live for animals not for human beings.

Let´s focus on the dog. If it had been an abandoned dog, I would not have picked him up for sure or would have waited him to be brought. However, the text messages made me angry, I got on the car and I set off immediately. I thought of the master of the dog while I drove the car, hoping he or she would cross my path somehow. I parked the car on the mentioned place and started looking for the poor puppy. Despite asking a few pedestrians and as well as entering the butcher´s, I found no puppy anywhere. I was about to give it up when I saw a small ball lying directly on the bus stop, the opposite the main road towards Žilina, among people.

I crossed the road and said a word to him. To be honest, he was not too talkative but I decided to catch him just with my bare hands when I had already found him. I had not taken gloves with me because I believed it was a puppy. After a few minutes I was allowed to stroke him. However, he kept growling and showing remaining teeth. After seeing the teeth, I recognised the dog breed immediately. The dwarism spitz in a pitiful condition lay in front of me. However, nothing that was written in text messages was true. He was neither orange nor a puppy. The dog might have been 10 years old or older. The teeth were not pulled out but affected by gum disease. If it had been any sadist, he would have pulled him out fangs and not molars. The stains of bared skin seem to have been like burns until I had a look at it thoroughly. It was scabies. After a few minutes a group of people circled me and Martina and their grumbling and bitching about bad people, who got rid of the dog, made me crazy. I do dislike such two-faced talk. The dog is said to have been wandering in this condition since winter. The shop-assistant of the butcher´s is believed to have fed him, otherwise he would have died of starvation. I was going to yell at them why they had not acted sooner but then I changed my mind. There was no point in doing it. On the other hand, I did not trust in them. They must have heard about him sooner. First of all, I wanted to be out of those people. Not taking care of his wounds I took him by both hands, crossed the road and got on the car. He was so petrified that he did not manage to respond to my action. After a while he was awaken and started barking. However, he was already safe. So did I. To be honest, I cannot stand the things connected with it. Those people did not realise that they had made our work harder. I am neither an actor nor the fool from the reality show so that I am watched while I am working.

We made a thorough examination of the dog at home and confirmed our findings. He was the older dog with dog fleas, scabies on his skin and eye disorder. These dogs will stay here until they are dead. The dog has been dewormed and vaccinated. Honestly, he is not going to be put into database of dogs in the near future. At the best my dog´s pack will be increased in „a monkey“, which will be raised by Batman. He is difficult to treat and so distrustful. The reason that he is still alive is his light weight. If he were a bigger one, he would no longer be here. I would not dare to offer him to anybody. From my long-time experience I am able to recognise if a dog has a chance to be acclimatized. A dog, which has not had a name yet, will be taken as „an old killjoy“ for the rest of his life. I will never understand people who treat their old dogs this way. They are sorry for paying for an injection or they are sorry for having them slaughtered. They would rather get rid of them, hoping that someone will take in them or they will be hit by a car. These people love their pets but they are not able to take responsibility for dignified death of their pets. It has happened to me a few times that I was asked to take in their old, ill dog because they cannot do it at heart or because of compunction about......... I am expected to be used to doing these things because I am the owner of the animal shelter. After that statement I present my weaker self and I stick in their memory as a cad. It is me who is responsible for their dogs. They are not able to end their lives. It is easier to throw them away in a neighbouring town and they have a clear conscience.

You must be curious how all those „saviours“ via text messages behaved. I can say that they have not done anything. The following day the family with children came in order to adopt him. It was them who had written me that he was a puppy. The mother is said to study at veterinary university in Košice. Fortunately, she did not tell the truth because it was not possible to study this university as a distance study. She might study something different there. However, I would recommend to her to go in for a different hobby because of the incorrect description of the dog. She will never understand dogs. They did not adopt him because they wanted a puppy. For the rest the whole matter had been finished and their promises kept only in memory. In spite of the fact the authors of text messages dozed off with the feeling of well done job. It was them who had recsued the dog. The town Ilava can keep telling lies. As a matter of the fact they do not lie, it is true. It is without agreement. Abandoned dogs from Ilava end up at the Shelter in Dubnica nad Vahom. Let me stop here and tell you the truth. Today I do not remember my reasons for visiting a municipal government in neighbourhood. However, the notice board caught my attention. You could find there a lot of businessmen who contributed to the growth of the town. There were also the amounts of their sponsoring. It made me a bitter grin. If they invested in the town so much money as I did, they would go bankrupt for sure. I am sure that they would not do it free. I know it because I used to do business as well. Furthermore, I am familiar with methods of getting real-estates, other properties of the town or providing advantages for such businessmen. That is life, too. Fortunately, I have never thought and will never think of the fact that what I do, I do for the town. In my opinion, I am the last who does not deserve to listen to insults and invectives in case I am not able to rescue a dog from different reasons, mainly, financial reasons in any surrounding town or village. It is me who owns the shelter. Neither a mayor nor a city manager who are in charge of it. It is not worth mentioning. People cannot see overcrowded cotes, they can see only „ wanderers“ in the street and try to „help“ them. However, their imagination is limited enough and there are only a few of them who co-operate closely. Let me give you an example. They have them examined, vaccinated, dewormed and bring them in our shelter.

They think that it is enough to call Jaroš up because he is going to take care of them after all. If I cannot do it, I am considered to be a sadist. Believe me, I would be pleased to take care of every abandoned animal. Dogs from different parts of Slovakia are brought here and I am doing my best. However, these people remain silent. An unsatisfactory comes from those people who think that it is enough to pick a receiver up to rescue an animal. They seem to have seen it in a cinema, on television or they have been experienced from Bratislava. I wish I was able to reach such a position and had money from the budget in order to catch animals. Unfortunately, it is impossible here because the City councils do not contribute to our run. If you think I am complaining you are mistaken. There is no other possibility how to point out inability and deception of local authorities. I do not know how to name this so called cooperation in other words, which is only my personal matter. At least two sides are necessary for cooperation. The second side related to the town Ilava does not exist. Catching this dog I have sponsored the town again and I do not count any more how many times. My name might be put on the notice board once.

I will repeat myself but I really can rescue only so many animals I am able to feed. In the end, if you believe me or not there are not few...